Viburnum, Nantucket

Botanical Name: Viburnum x 'Nantucket' (V. 'Eskimo' × V. macrocephalum f. keteleeri)
Common Name(s): Viburnum, Nantucket
Category: Semi-evergreen flowering shrubs
Hardiness: Zones 6-8
Mature Size: 12' x 7'
Habit and Growth Rate: Medium-fast growing, semi-evergreen upright, relatively compact shrub.
Attributes: Thick, narrow, dark-green leaves. Abundant, pure-white, lightly fragrant, 4-5 inch branched inflorescences in May
Bloom color: pure-white
Bloom time: 2-3 weeks
Adaptability: Very adaptable to all types of soil.
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Foliage color: dark green
Texture: medium
Origin: 'Nantucket' is the 20th viburnum cultivar released from the National Arboretum’s shrub breeding program.


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